3 Critical Considerations for Cloud Migration Planning

June 2, 2016 Karthik Balachandran


Identifying workloads to move to the cloud can be tricky. I talked about taking small steps with simple “Rehosting” exercise in my previous post. Here are the technical criteria you should consider when identifying applications that are lower-risk for public cloud migrations:

Note: Applications with characteristics to the left of the continuum are candidates too. But, they should be tackled after operationalizing the “Phase 1” workloads.

Performance: Your most important stake holder is the end-user of your technology. With cloud migration projects, they are likely to get no functional benefits. So, it is important to exceed or at least maintain the level of performance they experienced before. Generally, it is a good idea to start with applications that have lower performance requirements and higher latency tolerance.

Architecture: As IT professionals, we know that a lot of hard work goes into planning the most optimal solution on behind every click (mobile or web). Moving to the cloud should preserve that philosophy of architectural due diligence. More proprietary the platform, the more re-platforming that is required before you can adopt the cloud for that application. Standard architectures are the best phase-1 candidates.

Business: Executives that are responsible for Cloud adoption start with the commercial aspects of the projects. Many times, requirements around data security (or the lack there of) is a stumbling block. So, start with the non-sensitive candidates. One of the other considerations is does your application’s software licenses. Often, these licenses are tied to CPU cores and servers and they do not allow for an abstracted cloud implementation. Start the conversation with your vendors and pick the ones that do not need commercial re-negotiations for phase-1.

By Karthik Balachandran


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