3 Recent Cloud Developments You Shouldn't Have Missed

June 8, 2016 James Kessinger

In case you didn't catch these three recent and major developments in cloud...

1) Salesforce announced a new strategic partnership with AWS

This announcement was pivotal because it defied conventional cloud wisdom.  Most analysts described SaaS as the ultimate evolution from premise-bound computing, with IaaS as a necessary middle step for many existing apps. That all changed when leading SaaS player Salesforce.com IT departmentannounced that they would move onto AWS, mere days after a major Salesforce outage. Apparently the move to AWS caused some consternation within Salesforce’s high profile IT department.

2) A JP Morgan report in April cited the cloud as a strategic consideration for the future of dozens of tech companies

The report was only made available to JP Morgan’s clients, but you can read about it here and here. I put the report within the greater context of digitalization and cloud in: “Who will be crushed by Digitalization and Cloud?”

3) An Oppenheimer Report called AWS a massive efficiency flywheel for IT

Larry Dignan at ZDnet put the report in perspective here: “Amazon Web Services is likely to have 1.3 million servers that are more than three times more efficient than enterprise systems, data centers that use space better and generate better returns of about 20 percent.”

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