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June 20, 2016 James Kessinger

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SiliconANGLE on Exar's successful migration 

Expert Blogs on Evaluating Which Apps to Migrate and Critical Planning Factors 

Upcoming Fabric CloudBlazers Meetup on Cloud Migration and other events 

ZDNet on AWS driving new IT efficiencies 

CIO blog on IT Disruption

Thoughtpiece on Infrastructure Masons

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SiliconANGLE on Chipmaker's Automated Cloud Migration

by Paul GillinPaul Gillin

Cloud Translated into Enhanced Productivity and Cost Savings

Paul interviewed Exar's VP of IT Renato Siljeg for SiliconANGLE and covered the impact of his team's successful cloud migration of a business-critical Oracle stack.

"Instead of eight weeks, the migration was accomplished in two. Equally important, the company will be able to move disaster recovery from a co-located data center in Sacramento to AWS, saving between $250,000 and $400,000 each year in real estate and equipment costs. Recovery times will be slashed from two days to one hour."

Keywords: Oracle; Cloud Migration; Cloud Recovery; Cloud Dev/Test; Amazon Web Services

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Evaluating Which Apps to Migrate: A Systematic Approach

by Karthik BalachandranKarthik Balachandran

Karthik advocates a systematic approach to selecting which apps to mirate first based on performance, architecture and business requirements. His blog contains a very useful chart that your team can use for migration planning.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning

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Ten Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors  

by Raj Dhingra

Enterprises face a daunting challenge to migrate their on-premises workloads into the cloud. wildebeest migrationHowever, unlike the famed and perilous wildebeest migration on the Serengeti plains, enterprise workloads can smoothly and securely migrate to the cloud if Enterprise IT is fully aware of ten critical planning factors.

Raj identifies 10 critical cloud migration planning factors in this first in a series blog.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning

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Palo Alto Fabric CloudBlazers Meetup: Automated Cloud Migration Panel on July 14

Meet leading Silicon Valley IT execs plus an expert panel on cloud migration to get answers to your cloud migration questions and/or share insights on what works and what doesn't.  Develop a proven methodology for migrating existing apps to the cloud.

Going to the AWS Santa Clara Summit? Stay over an extra night in beautiful Palo Alto and attend CloudBlazers Silicon Valley.

Also meet CloudVelox execs in July at CiscoLive (July 10-14)  and the AWS Summit AWS SummitSanta Clara July 12-13.  We'll be at the AWS Summit NYC August 10-11.

Keywords: cloud meetup; CloudBlazers

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AWS Creating Efficiency Flywheel Efficiency Flywheel

by Larry Dignan

Buried within this article about Amazon's stock price (and the revenue and margin contribution of Amazon Web Services) is a brilliant perspective on the lasting impact of AWS on enterprise IT. Anyone making an internal case for cloud will find the Oppenheimer perspective useful.  Read about it at ZDNet:

"Amazon Web Services is likely to have 1.3 million servers that are more than three times more efficient than enterprise systems, data centers that use space better and generate better returns of about 20 percent."

Keywords: Amazon Web Services; cloud; IaaS

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CIO Perspective: Enterprise Tech at Critical Crossroad 

by Greg NessGreg Ness

VMware CEO predict "violent shifts" in industry. It's an understatement. Digitalization, cloud and mobile are changing the game in a big way.

Keywords: CIO; cloud; digitalization

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Dean Nelson Establishes Infrastructure Masons

by Peter Judge and David Chernicoff 

"As the human race constructs the greatest project the world has ever seen, the architects behind it consider its human impact."

Read more at DataCenter Dynamics: Building Webscale Infrastructure.

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From the editor: Why We Created Cloudscloud automation

If you're looking for information about cloud automation and orchestration you'll find plenty of vendor pitches and product announcements. But you won't find many credible thoughts on how to leverage IaaS as a seamless extension of the data center.

These insights are out there but often hard to find. So we created Clouds to bring together diverse, credible perspectives that will help cloud automation enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and thinking.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to contribute, including suggesting an article or blog or becoming an author.

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Stay Tuned: Next Month

binocular microscopeCloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra will share his perspectives on Three Different Paths to the Cloud by evaluating time, cost and skills resquirements. We'll also track relevant cloud automation news and views to keep you up to speed.

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