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July 26, 2016 James Kessinger

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Contents:Trillion Dollar Cloud

Gartner's Trillion Dollar Cloud  Prediction

The Trillion Dollar Question 

Three Different Paths to the Cloud  

Gartner's New IaaS Scores for AWS, Azure, Google 

A History of AWS

Meet CloudVelox at Upcoming Events

CloudVelox Wins a Big 50 Award

Next Month: Selecting Good Candidates for Migration

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Gartner's Trillion Dollar Cloud Prediction: InformationWeek

by Charles BabcockResearch based cloud

Research based on cloud shift rate analysis

More than $1 trillion in spending will be impacted by the cloud by 2020 per Gartner. "That $1 trillion shift 'makes cloud computing one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age,' according to Gartner's summary on the report."

Read more at InformationWeek.

Keywords: Gartner; IaaS; Cloud Shift Rate by Market

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The Trillion Dollar Question: blog based on Forrester Research

by Gregory Ness

Gregory Ness

With Gartner's prediction of $1 trillion in cloud spend, recent Forrester research highlights the challenges of migrating existing apps onto IaaS. Manual processes were identified as a significant barrier to entry. This blog discusses the conflict between enterprise needs and the depdence upon risk-prone manual processes. Read more at the CloudVelox blog.

By Forrester’s estimate, the cost of public cloud is relatively small compared to the much larger cost of labor involved, which accounts for over 50% of total migration costs. As detailed in the brief, “[L]abor costs dwarf infrastructure and platform services costs in most of the migration projects we’ve reviewed.”

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; Forrester

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Three Different Paths to the Cloud   [The second post in the 10 Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors Series]

Cloud Migration

by Raj Dhingra

An invaluable series addressing cloud migration challenges. This blog addresses cloud migration strategy considerations.

Not all applications in your data center can be migrated to the cloud. The path you take will depend on your business goals and objectives, technology compatibility and compliance requirements

Most applications that can be migrated to the cloud will fall into 3 main categories:

Re-host, Re-platform and Re-factor.  Each of these paths varies by skills required and the cost and time to complete the cloud migration. Let’s examine them in reverse order.

Read more at the CloudVelox blog.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; cloud automation and orchestration

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Gartner's New IaaS Scores put AWS on Top: Gartner RatingsGartner Ratings

by Elias Khnaser

A series of in-depth cloud reports: Gartner has published updated IaaS scores for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform based on 234 evaluation criteria. This blog includes the scores and has links to the in-depth reports.  Read more at the Gartner blog.

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How AWS Came to Be: TechCrunchAWS Came

by Ron Miller

An outstanding historical perspective on one of the world's most remarkable companies. The history of AWS goes back further than you might think, to the days when Amazon had to address ecommerce scale challenges. It is (per Synergy Research) the world's most successful IaaS player. Read more at TechCrunch.

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Chat with CloudVelox Experts at Upcoming Events

Meet CloudVelox at the AWS New York City Summit and VMworld (Las Vegas) in August and Oracle OpenWorld (San Francisco) in September. Contact us to schedule an in person briefing

Other CloudVelox events include: the CIO Exec Summit in Greenwich, CT; the CIO Startup Summit in San Francisco; CIO Perspectives in Long Beach, CA and AWS reInvent 2016 in Las Vegas.

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CloudVelox wins a Big 50 Startups to Watch Award

Big 50s Startups

"Startups from previous Big 50s have already raised record levels of funding (such as Cloudera's near billion-dollar investment from Intel), have been acquired by major incumbents (HP's acquisition of Eucalyptus), and have achieved successful IPOs (Square in 2015)." Read the entire press release.

Take a sneak peek at the rest of the Big 50.


Keywords: CloudVelox; Startup50; Big 50

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Stay Tuned: Next Monthbinocular microscope

CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra will continue with post three of his 10 Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors series:  Selecting Applications: Good Candidates for Migration.

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