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August 29, 2016 James Kessinger

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Contents:Trillion Dollar Cloud

The Private Cloud Fantasy is Over

Going All In on AWS Use Isn't Just for Startups

Selecting Good Candidates for Cloud Migration 

Seatte is Poised to Reinvent Tech Once Again

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Next Month: Bad Candidates for Cloud Migration

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Wake Up! The Private Cloud Fantasy is Over: InfoWorld

by David Linthicum 

Someone needed to say it...

Linthicum takes on cloudwashing vendors: 

“The ‘private cloud’ notion has also been perpetuated by traditional enterprise vendors, who needed to cloud-wash their existing wares to be able to keep selling them." 

Oracle, VMware, HP Enterprise, and most major providers have been guilty of this.”

Read more at InfoWorld.

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Going all in on AWS use isn't just for Startups: TechTarget

by Trevor Jones

It is time for IT to think different as larger organizations evolve onto AWS: "One of our big lessons ... is trying to leave that data center mentality behind," Hitchingham said. "[It's about] not thinking of people operating boxes and getting hands-on, it's really infrastructure becomes an extension of your application code base."

Read more at TechTarget.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; AWS

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Selecting Good Candidates for Cloud Migration   [The third post in the 10 Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors Series]

Cloud Migration

by Raj Dhingra

An invaluable series addressing cloud migration challenges with critical cloud migration strategy considerations.

"With the state of the art automation tools for cloud migration, once a group of applications (e.g.: 350 VMs/servers used by Dev/Test) has been identified, it is best to complete the cloud migration of these apps in one wave. This approach is more efficient and can also take into consideration minimizing the impact on end-users using these applications."

Read More at the CloudVelox blog, including the previous blog on Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Path.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; cloud automation and orchestration

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Seattle is becoming Cloud City : GeekWire

by Dan Richman

 Seattle is poised to become the global cloud powerhouse.  This brings substantial implications for tech infrastructure leaders tied to proprietary hardware and the evolution of cloud computing software and services. 

"Silicon Valley is the undisputed king of the tech world, but Seattle increasingly rules the cloud."  Read more at GeekWire.

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Stay Tuned: Next Month

CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra will continue with part 4 of his 10 Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors series:  Selecting Applications: Bad Candidates for Migration.

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