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September 26, 2016 James Kessinger

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Contents:Trillion Dollar Cloud

CSO: Hospital Migrating to Cloud to Enhance Security

Bad Candidates for Cloud Migration

Cloud-enable your Team: Q&A with a Cloud Pioneer

Forrester: Private Cloud will Lose 

DR is Broken: Recent Outages Validate IT Survey

CBR: Ellison Declares War on AWS

Next Month: Discovery vs Assessment for Cloud Migration

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This Hospital is Moving to Amazon's Cloud to Protect its Network

Brandon Butler 

A top story in NetworkWorld and CSO highlights a remarkable shift in thinking for health care providers:

In Amazon Web Service’s cloud, for example, it can be set up so that all activity in the cloud environment is monitored and logged and any unusual activity is flagged and reported, satisfying the administrative controls. All data in AWS can be encrypted and Amazon can provide assurances to customers regarding physical access to their data centers that host their clouds."

Read more at NetworkWorld.

Keywords: health care cloud

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Bad Candidates for Cloud Migration: CloudVelox blog

by Raj Dhingra

Part four in the ten part blog series on cloud migration strategies addresses the types of apps you want to avoid putting in the cloud.

Read more at the CloudVelox blog, including the previous blog: Good Candidates for Migration.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; 


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Cloud-Enable your Team: Q&A with a Cloud Pioneer

We asked him how he was able to establish a cloud migration factory within a large enterprise.

This month we interviewed a cloud migration pioneer who helped to establish an enterprise-grade cloud migration factory within a multi-national company of more than 10,000 employees.  To be specific, we’re talking about migrating existing, on premises workloads onto AWS.

Read more at the CloudVelox blog.


Forrester: Private Clouds will Lose   (TechRepublic)

by Matt Assay

"The best hybrid cloud providers are failing in the public cloud, perhaps because they're not cloudy enough."

"Private cloud, in short, is the wrong horse to bet on." 

Read More at the CloudVelox blog, including the previous blog on Choosing the Right Cloud Migration Path.

Keywords: cloud migration; cloud migration planning; cloud automation and orchestration

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DR is Broken: CloudVelox Blog

by Greg Ness

Recent outages in respected brands validate DR best practices survey results.  

Most firms surveyed had serious gaps in their DR protection because of limited internal resources and process complexity.

"Infrequent testing is the core of the DR problem.  When asked about how frequently they tested their DR environment, more than half of the respondents indicated that they tested less than once a year; even worse, a third said that they tested infrequently or never."

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CBR: Ellison Declares War on AWS

by James Nunns

"Oracle’s never been shy in believing that it could directly take on and beat Amazon Web Services, and now it is looking to undercut its competitor on price with a second-generation infrastructure offering."

                                                               - James Nunns

“Amazon's lead is over. Amazon is going to have serious competition going forward. And we're very proud of our second generation of Infrastructure as a Service."                                 - Larry Ellison

Read more at Computer Business Review.


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Join CloudVelox VP Products Vasu Subbiah for a 30 minute webinar on how to leverage the cloud for cloud recoovery without specialized cloud skills.




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Stay Tuned: Next Month 

CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra will continue with part 6 of his 10 Critical Cloud Migration Planning Factors series:  Discovery vs Assessment in Cloud Migration.

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