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November 22, 2016 James Kessinger

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AWS Critical to Amazon Success: Quartz

How Amazon is Planning the Second Decade of the Cloud Revolution:  TechRepublic 

Discovery vs Assessment for Cloud Migration: Raj Dhingra

Here are 5 Tech Cloud Tech Lessons you Need to Know this Week: Barb Darrow in Fortune

Sneak Peek: A Glimpse into One Hybrid Cloud v3.0's Cloud Network Customization

Tech Infrastructure Vendors have a Wild Ride Ahead: LinkedIn 


AWS Critical to Amazon Success

Alison Griswold, Quartz

"Another quarter, another $3.2 billion in revenue for Amazon Web Services." AWS performance has delivered a big boost to Amazon operating income.

Read more at Quartz.


How Amazon is Planning for the Second Decade of the Cloud Revolution 

Connor Forrest, TechRepublic

"As common as it has become in enterprise infrastructure, cloud computing is still in its infancy. At the 2016 Structure Conference in San Francisco, Amazon's Matt Wood explained how Amazon Web Services (AWS) plans to continue growing and innovating over the next 10 years."

Read more at TechRepublic 


Discovery versus Assessment for Cloud Migration

by  Raj Dhingra, CloudVelox

Raj discusses the key role of an application discovery tool when it comes to enterprise cloud migration, including key considerations. This is part of the Key Factors blog series, perhaps the most in-depth and informative blog on cloud migration.

Read the latest blog or start with number one

Most popular blog in the series: Bad Candidates for Cloud Migration


5 Tech Lessons You Need to Know 

Barb Darrow, Fortune 

"So ten years into this massive tech migration, what have we learned?  Here are some takeaways from tech leaders who spoke at the Structure Conference this week in San Francisco."

Read the rest at Fortune 


A Sneak Peek at One Hybrid CloudTM 3.0 

Take a look at how CloudVelox accelerates cloud migration for enterprise workloads with Cloud Network Customization, an unprecedented capability for increasing confidence and productivity while reducing risk.


Tech Infrastructure Vendors have a Wild Ride Ahead

by Gregory Ness on LinkedIn Pulse

"Just as VMware reveals an intent to become Airbnb for the cloud a new Cisco study underscores massive future growth for cloud migration. These two developments are not mere concidences."

Read more at Pulse.


Meet with CloudVelox cloud experts at reInvent 2016 in Las Vegas and CIO Perspectives Houston on December 7. 


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