NWW Interview: Why Traditional Cloud Migration Tools Have Failed

October 19, 2016 Raj Dhingra

Cloud migration failure due to over reliance on manual processes

"It’s easy to get all “cloud first” when you’re talking about new, greenfield applications. But how do you get the core business applications running in your data center – so-called brownfield apps – easily and efficiently migrated to the cloud? IDG Chief Content Officer John Gallant spoke with CloudVelox CEO Raj Dhingra about how the company has automated the migration of complex, traditional applications to Amazon Web Services (and Microsoft Azure in the near future)." 

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Server Replication and Image Conversion Tools Require Extensive Manual Support

"Traditional tools have been more about manual processes, taking a VM and doing an image conversion so it can run, let’s say, in AWS or Azure. There’s a lot of configuration required because the way the application was running in your data center required a certain type of server, so much memory, a certain type of storage infrastructure..." 

"If you do this manually it’s overwhelming, it’s time consuming, it’s error prone and many times people find it doesn’t work. The key was to address these barriers, automating to reduce that complexity of learning what I have in my data center, to reduce the complexity of learning what’s in the cloud."


Labor Costs Make up to 50% of Public Cloud Migration Costs (Forrester Report featured in TechRepublic )

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Manual Processes for Cloud Migration Limits Success to a Pyrrhic Victory at Best

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