Looking forward into 2017 with Raj Dhingra

December 14, 2016 James Kessinger

In about two weeks, we will all be closing 2016 out and welcoming the new year. 

And the forecast for 2017 is “Cloudy with a High Chance of Acceleration!”

Caroline Donnelly, Datacenter Editor for Computer Weekly, has captured in an insightful article how enterprise attitudes have changed over the last 12 months. Her take on the shift in enterprise cloud momentum is spot on and here are my key takeaways:

  • The conversation has moved from startups, scale-ups and a few cloud-first enterprises to global enterprises speaking about their cloud plans
  • Enterprises have laid their groundwork for the cloud and they are building on this to support their wider digital transformation plans
  • Cost savings and business agility are accepted and assumed benefit of moving “off-premise” and enterprises are looking at more services
  • Time frames are changing: Senior IT would talk in terms of years and that cloud is a 2-to-4 year plan. It’s now an 11 month or an 18 month plan.

We have seen the same type of attitude changes in our enterprise conversations and engagements. It’s about enterprise acceleration to the cloud.  Here is a similar perspective in Computerworld. And then there is a recent Cisco study finding that enterprises have made cloud migration a top priority starting in 2017.

Next, I want to highlight how Automation is going to help enterprises cross the chasm for their brownfield workloads from the datacenter to the cloud. We recently added Cloud Network Customization, an automated way to map networks for applications being migrated from the datacenter to the cloud.  The response from customers, industry influencers and partners has been overwhelming. See  our cloud network automation media tracker for what the industry is saying about Cloud Automation and Cloud Network Customization

Finally, as our customers go global with their apps, we are going global too. We started the year with support for AWS West 1, AWS West 2, AWS East and AWS Govcloud. We have recently added support for AWS Tokyo and AWS Mumbai.  As a result, we support the most recent AWS IaaS available through their most modern datacenters.

Wishing you the best as you close out 2016 and looking forward to keeping you updated on the latest and groundbreaking cloud news and innovations in 2017


Raj Dhingra
CEO, CloudVelox

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